Group discussion
A group discussion (also called focus group) consists of 8 – 10 participants who discuss a certain topic for between 1.5 and 2 hours.

The group discussion is led by an experienced moderator. Due to dynamic processes within the group, attitudes and behaviours of the single participants and reasons for specific decisions become apparent.

Group discussions are particularly suitable for generating ideas, e.g. new products or further development and new design of existing products.

Thinking Aloud
Thinking Aloud is a specific method where the respondent verbalises his or her thoughts. This provides insights into the feelings, expectations and intentions of a person. This method is especially applied in Usability Testing.
Online Research
Online research is becoming more and more important within market research. Online surveys are a time and cost efficient method as more people are accessible online by mobile devices or personal computers.

It is possible to make multiple tests simultaneously (and even in several countries), for example advertising materials or packaging. Also in qualitative research online approaches become more relevant. We have the possibility to conduct focus groups online. This is especially suitable for target groups which are difficult to recruit for offline group discussions, for example young urban people or specific b2b target groups.

In-depth Interviews
By means of in-depth interviews one can learn about individual opinions, motivations and attitudes regarding brands, products or services. Special questioning techniques within the freely led conversation help the experienced interviewer to direct the narrative flow of the interviewee. Normally an in-depth interview takes one to two hours and can uncover and analyse unconsciously revealed motives and emotions.