CATI Interviews
The so-called CATI interviews are computer assisted telephone interviews. There will be a questionnaire which is programmed beforehand which reduces the risk of incorrect entries by the interviewer.

With the help of CATI interviews one can process a high number of cases in a short time.

Surveys with complicated criteria will be constantly checked by the system. If a dialled number is busy or nobody answers, the number will be redialled by the system automatically at different points in time. This procedure ensures a high response rate and thus a more representative sample.

Another advantage is the possibility to present randomised or rotated items. This means that items are shown in a different position within the item block. This prevents an impact on the response behaviour of the test person as the single items are never shown on the same position.  

Personal Interviews
Personal interviews are one of the classical questioning techniques. There are numerous modes of utilisation. For some target groups even require the conduction of personal interviews, for example visitors of specific events or exibitions. Or if you would like to ask customers about thir shopping experience directly at the Point of Sale. For surveys amongst tourists at the resort personal interviews are essential.
Online Research
Online research is becoming more and more important within market research. Online surveys are a time and cost efficient method as more people are accessible online by mobile devices or personal computers.

It is possible to make multiple tests simultaneously (and even in several countries), for example advertising materials or packaging. Also in qualitative research online approaches become more relevant. We have the possibility to conduct focus groups online. This is especially suitable for target groups which are difficult to recruit for offline group discussions, for example young urban people or specific b2b target groups. 

Mystery Shopping
With the help of Mystery Shopping we check if predefined standards are met. In contrast to customer satisfaction studies Mystery Shopping includes objective evaluation of single quality aspects. You may control for example if sales personnel stick to specific service levels (friendly welcome of the customer, presenting goods correctly, competent service). Companies are able to identify weaknesses and introduce actions to improve service quality and thus increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. 
PIL (Patient Information Leaflet) Tests
There are precise guidelines given by the legislator regarding which information a package leaflet must contain. Amongst others, it has to contain the name of the medication, the therapeutic principle, contraindications, interactions and side effects. But the patient will only be able to take the medication correctly if he actually understands the patient information leaflet.

According to German Medicines Act (AMG) you have to submit evaluations of the patient information leaflet which are done in cooperation with the patient target group. With the help of these tests readability and comprehensibility are checked and patient friendly leaflets are developed. gottschalk research has created a test consisting of the following components: review of the leaflet, pretest and, if necessary, modification of the leaflet, evaluation by test person, measurement of comprehensibility of information and a concluding evaluation of the interviewer. As a result we will provide a final report to be presented to the appropriate authorities.

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